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 Truth Trifecta

This 3-in-1 comprehensive skin health system is designed to reverse the signs of aging and maintain a healthy complexion. Strategically formulated with powerful Vitamin C, Polyelectrolyte Minerals, Amino Acids and Hyaluronic Acid to deliver only the essential active ingredients skin cells and collagen need to grow and regenerate. Truth Trifecta does not contain fragrances, preservatives, oils, silicone or anything else your skin doesn’t need or want. These potent antioxidants help diminish the appearance of dark spots and protect the skin from inflammation and environmental toxins.







Omega 6 Healing Cream

A rich hydrator restores skin tissue using 100% active and functional ingredients. This potent formula is packed with omega 6 and lipophilic vitamin C, ingredients known for their skin regenerating and protecting properties. These skincare products do not contain fillers, preservatives, oil or fragrance, so they can be used on irritated and sensitive skin. Ideal for post-procedure or dry, irritated skin as well as for wounds or burns.






AHA Energizing Mineral Exfoliator

Gentle yet effective exfoliant to enhance skin tone, glow, and energize skin. This low pH alpha hydroxy acid effectively removes pore-clogging impurities and dead skin cells to help fade dark spots and reveal brighter, firmer skin, with improved texture and tone.

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