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At Rinnova Skin & Body, we carry only top of the line cosmetic dermatological equipment, which allows us to offer comprehensive treatment options. We pride ourselves in keeping only the best quality machines on hand, so that every procedure can be done with confidence. A few machines we use include:


CO2RE Laser



Gentle Max Pro

BBL and MOXI Laser


Halo, ClearV, and diVa laser


We set ourselves apart from peers with the quantity and quality of machines we have on site. Frequently, we are the only office in the area that is equipped to handle the wide variety of cosmetic concerns that our clients have. We invest extra in acquiring the highest quality machines on the market. We look for machines that have been proven to be as comfortable, non-invasive, and effective as possible. Not only has our equipment been clinically proven to have results, it is renowned as the best out of its competitors.



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