At Rinnova Skin & Body, we are committed to providing Boulder, Colorado with the best possible cosmetic dermatology services. We have several ongoing promotions, as well as monthly promotions, and random sales sent out to our newsletter.


Things are looking up. Shouldn’t your neck?

It’s time to focus on your neck this spring. Smooth out fine lines and crepiness of your neck with a Sculptra liquid neck lift. 3 sessions for $2000 ($250 off). Make it a combination treatment with Morpheus8 microneedling with radiofrequency for an additional $250 off! 


Take years of your hands with Radiesse filler and receive a free BBL to treat sun spots on your hands.

April is Rosacea Awareness Month!
Come in to get 20% off our rosacea products
-Avene Antirougeurs calm mask
-Elta MD UV Clear sunscreen w or w/o tint


PS We are transitioning to a new scheduling software. So if you get multiple reminders about appointments, we do apologize for any inconvenience or annoyance :)

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