CO2RE Laser



The CO2RE laser is a 4th generation CO2 laser, the most precise laser on the market. It repairs damage from aging and scarring by removing tiny areas of superficial tissue, allowing your skin to re-grow new and healthy skin in its place. The depth of the laser and treatment pattern of the CO2RE laser can be adjusted with incredible precision, so we are able to target superficial or deep areas of the skin.


What to Expect 

CO2 treatments vary depending on the area being treated and the results you wish to achieve. Full facial CO2 resurfacing is quite involved and can treat deep lines, wrinkles and scars. A topical numbing cream will be applied prior to your treatment. You will have about 45 minutes to relax while the numbing cream takes effect. You can also talk with Dr. Becker about oral medication to improve your comfort during the procedure. If you plan to take medication, you will need to arrange for a ride home from your procedure. During your treatment, the skin is pulsed with the CO2RE laser. You will feel a snapping sensation, like a rubber band on the skin. The treatment lasts about 45 minutes. After full facial resurfacing your skin will feel warm and increasingly red over the next several of hours. Your skin will then begin to peel, revealing new healthy skin underneath. The process is dramatic, as are the results. We recommend planning for a week of downtime. We will provide you with a post-care recovery kit with everything you will need to help with the healing process. You will return for several follow-up appointments over the next month. Your skin will continue to improve for the next several months.

What Else Can CO2 Treat?

In addition to full facial resurfacing, CO2 can be used to treat focal areas such as around the eyes and around the mouth. Even with a regular skincare routine that includes peels or lasers, areas of expression like the eyes and around the mouth can be prone to fine and deeper lines. CO2 is an excellent option to treat these stubborn areas. Eye shields are used to protect the eyes during the treatment. Topical numbing is applied to make the procedure more comfortable. Downtime is typically one week and your skin continues to heal as you build up collagen over time.



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