Cleanance Concentrate

This Blemish Control Serum is formulated with plant based extracts to decrease excess oil and improve the appearance of blemishes that results in clearer, healthier skin.







Antirougeurs- Calm

This soothing face mask helps calm redness and defends sensitive skin by strengthening the skin’s protective barrier.







This rich, nutritive cream is excellent for post procedure recovery. Cicalfate + helps nourish and protect the skin while keeping it hydrated as your skin heals, restoring its natural barrier.



Oil-free Gel Cleanser

Daily, oil-free cleanser formulated without fragrance for the most sensitive skin, but still tough enough to remove excess oil and impurities without drying the skin. This cleanser is used for normal to combination skin and is hypoallergenic.


Hydrance Aqua Gel

This hydration powerhouse strengthens skin's natural moisturizing and protective barrier leaving skin intensely hydrated, dewy and smooth. Can be used as a daily moisturizer, overnight mask and along the eye contour. Great for all skin types.



Cold Cream Nourishing Lip Balm

Avène's emollient lip care provides immediate relief and protection against dry, chapped lips. Nourishing formula restores comfort and leaves lips feeling smooth and soft; perfect for Colorado’s climate.





Soothing Sheet Mask

Biodegradable, easy-to-use cellulose mask optimally delivers revitalizing and calming ingredients to skin for supreme comfort, while providing a cooling effect. Skin is immediately soothed, comforted and radiant. Great for sensitive or easily inflamed skin and skin types prone to redness and dermatitis.



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