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Acne leads to outbreaks and scarring that make you feel self-conscious and uncomfortable. Todd Becker, MD, PhD, and the providers at Rinnova Skin & Body in Boulder, Colorado, provide noninvasive treatments to minimize the severity of acne outbreaks and reduce the appearance of scarring. Call the office or book an appointment online to learn about the array of services available to help you manage acne and forget it was ever there.

Acne Scars Q & A

What causes acne?

Acne is a result of clogged pores. Dead skin cells and natural oils clump together, and when bacteria enter, you get the noticeable redness, inflammation, and swelling associated with acne.

Adolescents often develop acne, but adults, especially women in their 30s and 40s, can also suffer from it -- and the aftereffects. Acne scarring reminds you of outbreaks long after they’ve resolved. At Rinnova Skin & Body, cosmetic treatment for both outbreaks and scarring is available.

How is acne scarring treated with chemical peels and lasers?

People with acne outbreaks sometimes benefit from chemical peels. Chemical peels involve the application of substances like salicylic acid to cause the outer, damaged layers of skin to slough off. New, unblemished skin is revealed, reducing the appearance of outbreaks and scarring. Rinnova Skin & Body also offers phenol peels, a strong and effective form of chemical peel that treats acne scars.

CO2 laser therapy targets scars by regenerating collagen, a skin-strengthening compound, to even out pitted acne scars. The CO2 laser treats only a fraction of your skin’s surface, leaving untreated areas untouched.

Vbeam Perfecta® is a pulsed-dye laser used to treat redness and acne scars. It uses pulses of energy to treat any areas of discoloration due to scarring.

How does microneedling treat acne scars?

Microneedling uses a small handheld device equipped with tiny needles to poke micro holes in your skin. You can’t see these holes, but your body interprets them as injuries and rushes healing compounds to the region to build new skin cells and to remodel collagen, a skin-strengthening compound. This enhances your skin’s strength and smoothness,improving  acne scars. MIcroneedling with PRP is especially helpful in stimulating collagen and growth factors to reduce the appearance of long-standing acne scars.

What are acne facials?

Rinnova Skin & Body offers medical facials to take care of your skin and address specific concerns, including acne. A licensed aesthetician performs the facial, which includes cleansing, exfoliation, steam, extraction, and special product application. Your aesthetician also recommends exclusive Rinnova skincare products that help discourage future outbreaks.

How are acne scars treated with surgery?

Subcision is a surgical procedure used to treat depressed acne scars. The procedure may be offered alone or as part of a comprehensive scar reduction plan that includes microneedling, chemical peels, and other therapies. During subcision, a special needle is inserted through a puncture in the skin surface. The needle breaks down scar tissue and loosens it from underlying tissue to release the scar. The treatment rushes new collagen to the scar to smooth out the skin.

To learn more about how you can reduce acne outbreaks and resolve scarring, call the office or schedule an appointment using the online tool.